Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh the up and downs of my life...

So am I the only one who is very up and down and is literally riding a roller coaster!  I feel like the older I get the crazier I feel! Ha ha!!  One day Motivated the next day...barely getting out of bed.  This is life and the good comes with the bad.  Journaling..not so good at it as you can tell..I want to be....  Here is my day by day..for the last 4 days...don't worry I won't do this all the time...
1.8 miles walked on Saturday...didn't quite finish the 5k, but I went and did what I could and realized that I probably could have done it, but second guessed myself.  The biggest thing is that I tried and I went 1.8 miles..that is huge, I will get it next time.
Sundays are always good days...can't go wrong there! Get to hang out with so many people I love! Plus my cousins were in town, fun to hang with them.
Monday...well wish I could erase that day...but not going to happen...zero motivation..not a fan of myself, Mondays are always the worse..I need to find a way make that a Great day! Any suggestions?
Tuesday...much better...went to Jensen's grove with my Trainer and walked and did a work out while doing that..including push ups, lunges and dips...definitely pushed myself and did more than I thought I could.  Nothing feels better than ending the day on a positive note.  Red faced, breathing hard I finished it!!  Below..my red faced accomplishment!! 


PS...I absolutely love my trainer...not only does she push me, but she always finds the positive in what I am doing and helps me see that instead of what I do which is focusing on the negative.  She has become a great friend and I love her to death.  She is one of those people you know was put in your life for a reason!! Love ya Katie..