Sunday, April 14, 2013

20 minutes...will it kill me....

20 minutes a day...that is all I need to do.  Why is it hard to put on clothes and hit the treadmill or walk outside.  So Saturday....the same thing..I am a little bored nothing to do.  Something keeps telling me 20 minutes that is it. So after 2 hours of fighting it...I threw on my work out clothes and headed to the gym.  Hopped on the treadmill....put the towel over the time, lets be honest I will sit and stare at it and it goes even slower.  So that little thing helps me so much, which is a little weird...whatever works.  Right??  I worked up a little sweat....and felt good when I finished.  As I walked out of the gym and heard honking and cheering...looked up and who was there...My stalkers...Erin and Scott.  There were picking up there car and saw me coming out.  Nothing like a little cheering to make you feel good that day. So did that 20 minutes kill I do twenty minutes a few times a!! 

So that's my number for now...20....It won't kill me!!

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