Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finding a Balance....

Well lets here it for stressful weeks, when you want to start losing weight. I work at a treatment facility for teen girls and lets just say the past few weeks have been extremely stressful. Which causes me to lose sleep and sometimes just plain ole forget to eat. Three days in a row I didn't eat in a 8 hour shift, which when you leave at 11:00pm at night is probably not the best time to start eating. Skipping meals is not a good thing either, am I doing it on purpose..of course not, but things have been so busy that I completely forget to eat. The goal this week is to find balance between work, eating right, working out and sleeping. Finding that perfect balance is hard, but it has to get done. I have a lot of work to do!!!


  1. I rarely forget to eat, but I had the loss of appetite that comes with stress and anxiety.


    I'm thinking about you. How has the past week been?

  2. I know how that is. Sometimes I get so busy I forget to pee. Not a good thing :).

    Hang in there girl. Finding balance is a challenge, and like most things it takes time. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    I'm cheering for you.

  3. You will find the right balance. I have to find it at times too.

    Just take time for you, it helps with all the stress!

    Love ya!

  4. I notice I forget to eat too. Not sure why I don't eat with my kids when I make them lunch.... But yeah, balance is good. I went to the jillian michaels website and tried doing some of her meal plans. It's amazing how tasty healthy things can actually be. I signed up for the free trial, you might like it. It has meal plans you can pick that are designed for you and workouts geared towards your goals as well. Good Luck and keep working hard!

  5. Alright Kimm...time for an update!