Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A wake up call and my road to Happiness...

Well it is no big shocker that I am over weight! I have been for years! This last week I had a bit of a scare that may have freaked me out a ton!! It started Thursday night, my back was killing me and no matter how I sat, laid, stood I could not get comfortable. On Friday morning I could barely move and the pain was out of control. So I called the doctor, which it must be bad..I never go to the doctor! While with the doctor I broke down crying saying I knew it was so bad cuz i was over weight. I just kept thinking that I would need surgery and all the fun stuff that comes along with that. Well she did some tests and told me she thinks I just strained it and it is more than likely more painful cuz of my weight. She told me in the next few days we will know if I need a MRI...if it gets better just a strain, if it gets worse either a spinal cord injury or herniated disc....Oh dear. Well thank goodness on Sunday I took my last major pain med in the morning and have only taken Ibuprofen since then. I have been walking and doing the exercises that she told me to do. It looks and feels like a strain. Hallelujah...I can breathe a little easier..

Now comes to the support part...I have always tried to lose weight on my own or keep it all a secret. I know that this is something I have to do for me and only me, but I do need some serious support and encouragement. This will not be an easy road ahead of me cuz I have a super long way to go and it can be very overwhelming. I had some success a few years ago and was able to concur so many obstacles and a lot of my success came from much needed support and love. When things get rough I seem to give up, so maybe if I include those who I love so much maybe I will be able to keep trucking forward even if I have a set back cuz we all know in life we have set backs and it is how we bounce back from them that make the difference. I know that I will not be perfect, but I know that I can do this and as long as I keep that tude...it can happen. RIGHT!!!So in 2008 I ran my first 5k..I did walk some..but that is besides the point. I had started the road to my new life and had a great year...Then 2009 hit and I threw in the towel and gained everything and then some back...2008 was my year..probably the happiest I have been in a long time. Well I can't live in the past, but I can look forward to the future..Here's to finding That girl above and making 2012 the best year ever!!!


  1. We are your biggest cheerleaders Kimm! You can do this! It's one day at a time, and one step in front of the other. We all have great days, and not so great days. This quote helps me:

    Courage is the little voice that says, "I’ll try again tomorrow".
    -Thomas S. Monson

    Love you Kimm! I hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to run again with you! When you decide to run that marathon, we'd love to be there!!!

    so very, very, very proud of you!

  2. Oh ya, you know I am here for you. Always proud of you, I'm your biggest cheerleader {I'll share the title with Jana, I guess}. You can do whatever you want and you deserve it all.

    I love you momma.

    Love you more than you know.

  3. Kimm, I am so proud of you! Taking the first step is the hardest part. I know you can do this and will be here to cheer you on....through the internet! I actually enjoyed doing the Biggest Loser workouts -they helped me lose the rest of my baby weight;) And all those people were inspiring to me to make me work harder. I checked them out at the library, maybe you can find those DVDs in yours. -then you can work out with Bob;) Love you Kimm and Good Luck!

  4. Hi Kimm, I don't know you all that well, but I'm super excited for you. You're journey will be an inspiration to us all! I strongly believe that you can have everything you want, and I'm happy to help in any way I can. I have 2 of the biggest loser DVD's if you want to borrow them, or if you need someone to workout with, I'm available. You're also welcome to come play our piano anytime, I'm no pro, but I could at least help you learn the basics. Let me know how I can help! Shannon

  5. I love you so much, girl, and am SOOO by your side no matter what! You are one of the most amazing people I know, and I'll continue to do everything I can to support you! Maybe it'll help me pay off some of that ever-increasing debt I owe to you :)