Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another week down...

Went to my first week of my Literature class, one that I was dreading and struggling with all the reading.  I did make it to the class, even though I kept telling myself I couldn't do it.  The class wasn't bad at all!!  My professor is an older woman who is so eccentric.  She gets so excited about poetry and laughs at her own jokes!  Poetry is not my thing, but I think I will survive this class. It is definitely going to be hard for me, but it will be a good challenge. 
Who would have thought that my Anthropology class would be so interesting and I am so into it!  Crazy right!!  I have a pretty good professor so that helps. I got my first assignment back and I did a pretty good job, such a sigh of relief...I may survive.   I look forward to going to class each week.  My first tests are coming up....My oh My...Let the anxiety begin.
The Rendezvous Building where both of my classes are in the same class room!
 The skulls we are studying right now.  I didn't get pictures of the Gorilla's..they were pretty cool!!

 My First Assignment...I got a Very Good Job!!  I will take it!!

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